Save Time and Increase Productivity with Our Web Portal

  • Date: March 30, 2022

Save Time and Increase Productivity with Our Web Portal

When you work with our long-term care pharmacy, we want you and your staff to feel supported, from the transition stage to onboarding and ongoing support. One tool we offer to every Hudson Regional LTC Pharmacy agency partner or facility home under our umbrella of care is our Web Portal. 

Nurses and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) need to focus on the most important thing during their shift: building relationships and caring for residents and patients. One way to achieve this is by freeing up their time when it comes to managing and reordering medications. 

We know time is everything, especially as many organizations run lean with lower than regular staff numbers. Using our Web Portal and utilizing the best practices we have put together is a huge time saver and can help give staff more time with residents. 

How it Works

Our Web Portal is very user-friendly, and we provide a lot of resources, so staff members have support along the way. We have a full step-by-step guide document with screenshots and best practices for using the Portal. Our team also offers live training on using the Portal to ensure everyone feels comfortable using the system. Here’s a brief overview of portal functionalities.


After logging in, staff members have a dashboard view to manage orders, view patients, access E-MAR and E-MedPass status, send messages, and access reports.

New/Discontinued Medications

Nurses or other agency staff members can easily view new or discontinued prescriptions. For example, you can see if a prescription for a new medication has been communicated to the pharmacy. Discontinued medications are also verified here. Verifying discontinued medications assures medication administration records will not contain extraneous or obsolete information.

Pending/Processed Orders

The guesswork is taken out with our Web Portal. It displays in real-time if an order is pending and once an order is processed at our pharmacy. There is also a setting where nurses can view pending/processed medications for individuals or a group at a facility.

Patient’s Profile

Each patient’s profile includes vital and detailed information, including drug interactions and allergies. Nurses can also view or print prescription copies, access drug information, and see all active medications. Medical records, order status, and inactive medications are also displayed in a patient’s profile.



All it takes is a couple of clicks to request a prescription refill! There is a prescription refill due report where staff can process weekly refills. Once submitted, there is an instant notification that the refill requests have been successfully sent.

These are just a few of the many features of our Web Portal. The HRLTCP team offers ongoing training for when your facility hires new staff members or if someone needs refresher training. Contact us directly or call us today to Discover the Difference in your pharmacy care at 845-341-2714.




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