Your Partner in Healthcare

Hudson Regional LTC Pharmacy’s mission is to improve the quality of care and institutional pharmacy services provided to individuals living with developmental, physical, and psychiatric disabilities, chemical dependency, and other long term health challenges. We provide quality pharmaceutical products, durable medical equipment and supplies, dependable service, specialized information, and customized training.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of quality, accuracy, and efficiency in the management and coordination of pharmacy services. We accomplish this monumental task through the development of strong working relationships with clients, staff, nursing, and administration.

Thorough Tracking and Regulatory Compliance

Combining the highest standards of pharmaceutical knowledge with modern management techniques and state-of-the-art technology, enables the pharmacy to effectively monitor client drug regimens for potential drug interaction issues, allergies, and therapeutic duplications in order to achieve desired outcomes.

A Complete Range of Healthcare Products & Services

Starting with high quality brand name and generic medications, purchased directly from approved wholesalers and distributors, our certified pharmacists can fill a wide range of prescriptions. To complement our extensive pharmacy services, we also stock a full line of healthcare products that can be conveniently ordered and delivered with your medication orders. We fully recognize the current market conditions and the impact of reduced funding and budget restrictions. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and will provide cost effective solutions.

Total Convenience & Efficiency

From ordering and daily deliveries to medication administration records and review, we offer a high level of convenience and efficiency to our clients. To expedite the ordering process, we accept E-Prescribing, facsimiles, and offer highly efficient web access ordering. We provide our clients the ability to look up and print current prescriptions and print up to date MARs as needed.